Kryosphere offers a wide variety of cGXP compliant services to ensure that the materials you entrust to us will remain safe and secure.

Kryosphere provides confidence at all temperatures

Kryosphere has over a decade of experience in storing your precious and priceless material. Here at Kryosphere it’s not just a sample, it’s a patient. Our goal is to provide constant excellence, and flawless customer support.

Our client base consists of academia, clinical research and development, biobanking, and full-support pharmaceuticals. We offer cGXP storage that is compliant to all FDA and ISBER guidelines. Our 21CFR compliant facilities are fully geared up with operational redundancies in documentation, electrical power, close-circuit video security, 24/7/365 on-call response monitoring, and back-up storage.

Kryosphere offers general and dedicated storage for all industry standard temperature set-points. We offer storage for ambient, controlled room temperature ambient, +4°C, -20°C, -40°C, -70°C, -80°C, vapor phase liquid nitrogen, and ICH compliant stability storage. With custom warm and cold alarm thresholds based on client and material needs, you can have the confidence of knowing your material is being stored and handled by the best in the industry.

All refrigeration equipment is backed up by our own onsite licensed refrigeration staff.

Our freezers are stringently validated and qualified to store all temperature ranges of material. Inquire about storage with us today!


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