Clinical Sample Management

With over a decade of experience in storing your invaluable material, Kryosphere has demonstrated the constant ability to maintain the integrity of clinical sample databases. Our 21CFR compliant inventory management system will enable you to track the full inventory and testing history of your material or product.

How We Serve You

Supporting your trial from start to finish

Using our web portal, clients can review material history at any time using secure access information assigned and maintained by our Quality Department. Furthermore, our clients have the ability to request material shipment, local transfer, or destruction directly through the inventory management web portal to ensure fast and accurate results.

Worried about confidentiality?

Our excellent staff are well trained and thoroughly vetted in HIPAA and GDPR and will ensure confidential information remains confidential. Kryosphere has experience working with academic and independent investigational review boards.

Kryosphere is here to help

As a turn-key solution for clinical sample management, Kryosphere can assist with patient sample deidentification, sample distribution to third party vendors and labs, and sample destruction. Cut the time and hassle of managing your patient samples, and contact Kryosphere today!


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