Cold Chain Logistics

Experienced in large scale facility relocation management, Kryosphere has been a staple in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park area for years for our excellence in handling ultra-low equipment and material. As you take on the challenge of moving your facility, contact the experts.

Let us help you do the heavy lifting

Kryosphere is proud to offer the best cold chain logistics services in the industry

We have aided in the relocation of thousands of ultra-low units using our mobile biorepository. Our KryoTruck is one of only a few vehicles in the entire nation that has the ability to move your equipment while still running and at temperature, so let us help you do the heavy lifting.

Using vertical lifts, Kryosphere will ensure your equipment is safely transferred from power source to power source without having to tip or damage your equipment. Our cold chain logistics services will ensure constant real-time temperature monitoring of your material and equipment while in transit, so you don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars organizing and shipping your material.

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Kryosphere has dedicated 24/7 staff that are tasked with monitoring and tracking each shipment while in transit and with the authority to implement immediate action if there are unexpected delays or parcel mishandling. Working daily with third party logistics (3PL) couriers to ensure the safe transit and dry ice replenishment of your material in the event of a shipping delay. This gives our clients peace of mind, knowing their samples will get to their destination on time and in proper order for eventual use.